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Yes, I’m still alive xD
Gosh, it’s been awhile since the last time a drew something… I am so sorry, but college is driving me crazy! Especially this time of the semester when there are final projects, final tests, and everything that is final. I promise I’ll answer all your questions as soon as I can! ;n;

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what if your url somehow had something to do with your future

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(( Guys, have you seen the One Piece Chess Set? I want it ;///; *loves One Piece* So I was wondering which piece Korra would be…and my conclusion: GODDESS, but there’s no God in the game xD, so I decided KING AND QUEEN, what do you think? ))

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Answer: The first one…

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(( New profile picture xD ))

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(( What time is it? MAKORRA TIME! ))

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I’m curious because she doesn’t let me read it! 

(( I love LSP x’D ))